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How the U.S. Stalled in its Breastfeeding Progress

Recently, The Journal of Pediatrics published a new study about newborn feeding practices in the U.S. that doesn’t paint the most breastfeeding-friendly picture.

Some of the data piqued my interest — for example, researchers used data from 6788 children in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that only 55 percent were exclusively breastfed in the first week of life. I know from covering the CDC’s breastfeeding report card last year that three out of four moms in the U.S. start to breastfeed (whether exclusively or with supplementing) and by six months, only 13 percent are exclusively breastfeeding.

The study also found, not surprisingly, that supplementing with formula shortened the duration of breastfeeding on average, and also affected a baby’s BMI later in life…

Story Courtesy Heather Turgeon of Stroller Derby at babble

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