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Welcome to the Nursing Bling Blog!

Hello From Minnesota! I’m Yvette, founder and creator of Nursing Bling, Nursing Jewels, and Nursing Wrapz Nursing Covers. Nursing Bling’s focus is form AND function. Who says breastfeeding has to slow you down or crimp your style? We believe breastfeeding is one of the most important things families can do to ensure healthy children, and we’re bringing breastfeeding accessories into the 21st century, one category at a time!

My background as an accessory designer led me to create our first product, Nursing Bling. Nursing Bling was originally an extra, surprise baby shower gift for a girlfriend who was expecting and planning to breastfeed. Once friends and family saw the gift they began requesting the “bling” as gifts for others as well as for themselves. Word spread about Nursing Bling, the calls kept coming, and the rest is history.

Nursing Bling’s line of Nursing Wrapz Nursing Covers are designed with active moms in mind. As a flight attendant, I often saw traveling breastfeeding moms struggling with unwieldy blankets and ill conceived covers made from scratchy, uncomfortable fabrics. I knew there had to be a better way, and after several prototypes Nursing Wrapz was born. From the innovative use of soft jersey knit fabrics to our intuitive, ergonomic designs – no detail has been left to chance. Excellence in fit, fabric, and comfort are Nursing Bling Nursing Wrapz standards, but moms also feel special wearing Nursing Bling Nursing Wrapz and, dare I say, cool?

My hope in creating the Nursing Bling blog is to bring to life a resource rich community for breastfeeding mothers. Look to our blog for the latest in nursing news, nursing products, and lifestyle items every mom wants to know to ensure the best health for themselves and their babies. Take a moment to subscribe to our rss feed so you don’t miss any breastfeeding news.

I hope you enjoy the Nursing Bling blog as much as I enjoy researching and writing for it!

Peace, Love & Breastfeeding,


Breastfeeding Giveaway Week 1 – Chevron Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover


Week 1 National Breastfeeding Month Giveaway

To celebrate National Breastfeeding Month, Nursing Bling is hosting a giveaway of a nursing item from our selection of nursing covers, nursing infinity scarves, and teething nursing jewelry.

Kicking off the celebration giveaways is one of our chic chevron infinity scarf nursing covers!

Chic and sophisticated chevron infinity nursing covers make great baby shower gifts for the expectant mother who plans to nurse her new baby and a great gift to yourself giving you the freedom to nurse anywhere in style and comfort!

Your choice of four colors clockwise from left: tangerine, lemon, coral, and mint.

The 2,013th RT of this blog post on twitter with #@NursingBling1 to win this giveaway!

Good luck,


Happy World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month!

Happy Breastfeeding Week


Happy World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month!

To celebrate Nursing Bling is hosting a giveaway of a nursing item from our selection of nursing covers, nursing infinity scarves, and teething nursing jewelry.

Stay tuned for details for each new giveaway every Wednesday!


Breastfeeding In Public

How confidently will you breastfeed in public without the worry of accidental onlookers?


How confidently will you breastfeed in public without the worry of accidental onlookers?

Protecting your privacy and looking good while breastfeeding shouldn’t be stressful or keep you from doing anything you enjoyed before having your baby.

Until now the only option for discreet nursing in public has been apron style nursing covers with hard hoops and loud patterns that draw attention TO you rather than keeping breastfeeding unnoticed.

You need a chic nursing cover that lets you look good and feel comfortably confident while feeding baby naturally and pumping.

Forget “old school” apron style nursing covers in loud prints that blow your cover. Finally, Nursing Bling has created a stylish nursing cover offering 360˚ of coverage in soft, breathable, go with everything colors.

Choose your color and order your nursing cover today to be covered and confident while breastfeeding!

We’ve been voted Chic Undercover Nursing Cover by!

Silicone Nursing Necklaces and Teething Necklaces

Silicone Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding Necklace

Silicone nursing necklaces are a must have for every breastfeeding & baby wearing mommas. These two in one solutions for moms of curious babies are completely safe for your baby to touch, chew on, and beautiful to wear.

Convertible Silicone Nursing Bracelet Teething Bracelet Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding

Let’s face it, most of your jewelry is off limits now because you’re worried about a prized necklace or earrings being damaged by baby’s curious hands these days. Silicone nursing necklaces are the perfect solution for stylish moms on the move! With this necklace around your neck you’ll never worry about how you’re going to get a dropped pacifier getting cleaned again.

Fuchsia & Cobalt Silicone Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding

Made of 100% food grade silicone beads that are soft on your baby’s gums and emerging teeth. No BPA, no phthalates, no cadmium, no lead, and no metals. Safe for you and baby, your new silicone nursing necklace is easily cleaned by hand with dish soap and water.

Convertible Silicone Nursing Bracelet Teething Bracelet Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding

The first way you’ll use your silicone nursing necklace is during breastfeeding and bottle feeding to keep your baby’s hands busy and hold their attention to the task at hand – no more pinching!

Lime & Lemon Silicone Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding

The second way you’ll use your silicone nursing necklace is as a teething toy to soothe baby’s sensitive gums as teeth come to the surface. Pop your nursing necklace in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to cool the silicone beads for even more comforting results!

Silicone Nursing Bracelet Teething Bracelet Nursing Necklace Teething Necklace Breastfeeding Necklace

Fun to wear and safe for baby - no worrying about splinters from wood teethers or fuzzy lint mouth from crocheted ball type teethers and nursing necklaces. Silicone nursing jewelry is intended for use by mother and child together. Nursing necklaces are intended to be worn by mom and chewed on or played with by baby while mom is wearing it. Unsupervised use by babies and children is not advised or recommended ever.


Breastfeeding Tips – Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding tips: benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips: Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Once you’ve given birth, breastfeeding is the single most important thing you can do to protect your baby and help to promote good health.  Best of all, breast feeding is free.

Along with saving you money on formula, breastfeeding can also help you to keep your medical bills down.  Babies that are fed with formula get sicker more often and more seriously than babies that are breastfed  They also have more ear infections, respiratory infections, and other problems.

This can be even more true if your family has had a history of allergies.  When a baby is breastfed, the antibodies pass on from the mother to the baby, helping to protect against illness and allergies.  As the baby’s system matures, his body will begin to make it’s own antibodies, and he’ll be more equipped to handle sensitivities of food.

Sucking on the breast will also help with the development or jaw alignment and the development of the cheekbone.  For this very reason, there is less of the need for costly orthodontic work when the child gets older.

Unlike formula, breast milk is always ready, always available, convenient, and always the right temperature for feeding.  Plus, it contains all of the vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs, saving you a  lot of money.

Breastfeeding also offers many benefits for the mom as well.  The baby sucking at the breast will cause contractions right after birth, leading to less bleeding for the mom, and helping her uterus to it’s shape before pregnancy much faster.

Breastfeeding will also burn calories, so a mom can lose weight much faster than if she fed her baby with a bottle.  Breastfeeding will also create a special bond with the mother and the baby – which is one thing formula simply cannot do.

Peace, love and breastfeeding,


Nursing Infinity Scarves : The Modern Nursing Cover Up

Blue Green Tie Dye Nursing Infinity Scarf

Blue Green Tie Dye Nursing Infinity Scarf

Infinity nursing scarves are great for moms on the move who need a versatile, on-the-go nursing cover for times when a full nursing cover is more than you really need.  Made in chic, discreet, go with everything solid colors you’ll wear these nursing infinity scarves year round and long after baby is done breastfeeding.

Kiwi Nursing Scarf Infinity Scarf

Kiwi Nursing Infinity Scarf

These buttery soft, easy to use infinity nursing scarves feature continuous loop styling and easy wear!  Just slide an arm through – pull over your head – position baby for feeding latch or attach pumping tool and you’re good to go!

You’ll wear this scarf multiple ways long after baby is done breastfeeding. Smart mom ;-) ,  a great return on your $24 investment!

Blush Nursing Scarf Infinity Scarf Convertible Nursing Cover Nursing Shawl Nursing Wrap Shrug

Blush Infinity Nursing Scarf

These eco nursing scarves were created at the request of a local user and fan of our nursing covers who wanted the freedom to nurse and pump on the go in soft, eco friendly comfort.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your infinity nursing scarf as much as we love it!

Turquoise Nursing Infinity Scarf Convertible Nursing Cover

Turquoise Nursing Infinity Scarf

The new infinity nursing scarves are now live in the Nursing Bling store at Etsy! Tons of on trend chic colors and classic “go with everything” colors and a few funky prints to choose from in our soft and cozy ecofriendly jerseys just like our signature nursing covers.


Happy Spring,